Sarah and Anna

Hi! We're Anna and Sarah, the decluttering dream team at your service!

How It All Began

In September 2022, after rekindling our friendship and discovering we have a LOT in common - including organising, surprise surprise - we set up Sampson & White Organising. Luckily we had discovered that we also work well together(!), so with Sarah's meticulousness and Anna's full steam ahead attitude we get the job done.

Dilly Carter from BBC's Sort Your Life Out

In 2023, we both completed Dilly Carter's course "How to Become a Professional Organiser", to better ourselves and become accredited. Dilly taught us a lot about the nitty gritty as well as her general approach to the job, and provided invaluable work experience opportunities all over the country. And yes, one of these was behind the scenes on Sort Your Life Out! It was serendipitous - this show brought the existence of the organising industry to our attention in the first place!

The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers

We are also members of APDO. They help set the standard for our line of work and provide further opportunities to develop, and to connect with others in the field.

Sarah Sampson

Sarah Sampson
Sarah's APDO Profile

Growing up, I would tidy up the supermarket shelves as I went round the store with my mum (although I often pushed everything to the back, much to the shop assistants' dismay!). As a teenager, I was rarely asked to tidy my room as it was so organised - everything had a place!

Through teaching, I have over a decade of experience in coaching and building a rapport with people of all ages, stages and backgrounds. I also have experience working with, as well as and living alongside, people with conditions such as M.E./C.F.S., Fibromyalgia, and C.R.P.S..

I am passionate about sustainability (but not perfect at it!), and care about recycling and reusing where we can. As a brand ambassador for Clean Living International, I use our healthy, toxin-free cleaning products at our clients' homes, as well as my own.

With a penchant for houseplants - I have over 100! - I can offer help and advice towards maintaining any plants in your home, alongside styling advice of where they could bring life as well as best thrive.

Anna White

Anna White
Anna's APDO Profile

As a child, there were often bin bags outside my bedroom door as I would frequently declutter my belongings. I do love the sentiment, but I also love the cleansing feel of making space & sorting. I would also rearrange my furniture to feel like a brand new bedroom.

I'm a qualified counsellor. The decluttering phase can bring up emotions and memories, and can also be tiring. You may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed but I will walk you through the process. I'll keep an eye on how you're experiencing it and we can adapt accordingly. We want to support you.

I also have experience installing and maintaining systems to keep children's play areas organised and easier to tidy up, from years of experience as a childminder's assistant.


We both have a particular passion for people's wellbeing. It is proven that clutter and disorganisation cause stress and anxiety, so, we really do believe in “a tidy home, a tidy mind”. Whilst we are professionals and know how to bring calm to the chaos, we also believe in being person centred. We promise to work with you at your pace and with your priorities, to make your home work for you.

We understand it can be potentially embarrassing to invite people into your mess, but we are not here to judge, only to help. Life and our spaces can get on top of any of us for a number of reasons, you are not alone, as most people have clutter lurking somewhere. It's normal to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start, we take that into consideration and will check in with you regularly throughout.

“Sarah and Anna are amazing! I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and although I love to be organised, I don't have the physical, cognitive and emotional energy to do the work. Sarah and Anna were very sensitive to my needs and split the job into small chunks spread out over a month. This meant I didn't become overtired. They organised cupboards, the storage under the eaves and straightened rooms after decorating. They took rubbish to the tip and items to the charity shop. I can now access things easily and love the systems in place. I would highly recommend their services to anyone but particularly anyone who has physical difficulties. Thanks once again! Also Sarah is brilliant at house plant care so get her to have a look!!”