Organising by Room

If there is a specific room in your home or workplace that is driving you mad or that needs organising and decluttering, we will focus our time to transform that space for you.

Bedroom / Wardrobe

Is your wardrobe full and overflowing? Does it overwhelm you every time you look for something to wear? Whether your weight fluctuates, or your clothes have simply accumulated over the years, we will organise your wardrobe in such a way that makes sense for you so that you can enjoy your favourite pieces and find everything with ease.

Has your bedroom lost its function as a place to unwind before bed? Our homes need to be our recharge stations, and where we sleep is arguably the most important room to be clutter free so we can relax.

Cluttered wardrobe before organising
Decluttered wardrobe after organising


The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and yet it's also the place that collects clutter. Piles of paperwork and unfinished tasks. It collects products that soon go out of date without us even realising. Cooking is a lot more stressful when you're fighting for surface space to prepare and serve up your meals. No fear, we love a system and will help you reduce the amount of unrelated items you keep in the kitchen. Once there is a home for everything, it becomes clear what isn't needed anymore.

Kitchen cupboard with unused space
Neatly organised kitchen cupboard

Dining Room / Area

Eating meals together is acknowledged to be one of the best ways to connect with others, especially around a table and without screens fighting for our attention. When tables are clear of clutter, kids have somewhere to do their homework with less distractions, and we're more likely to make time to play games together. But, in almost every home, they become just another space to fill, and thus they lose their valuable functions. Using appropriate storage in your dining area, and making sure systems are in place to put things away easily, will ensure much more quality time around the table.

Living and dining room before organising
Living and dining room after organising

Living Room

I don't know about you, but I love landing in the living room, lighting a candle (or five), and taking a deep breath to unwind. But sometimes it can become chaotic in the busyness of life. Do the kids keep leaving their toys everywhere? Does your partner keep leaving unfinished jobs on the sofa? Maybe it's just you that needs simple ways to keep the place relaxing. We will help you create maintainable systems for everyone to abide by that will contribute to keeping the peace.

Living room before decluttering and organising
Living room after decluttering and organising

Study / Office

Do you work from home? Does your office space need order so that it's more conducive to productivity and focus again? Is your paperwork out of hand and you need help creating a filing system? Whatever the issue, we can help, keeping utmost discretion when working with any confidential documentation.

Office before organising
Office after organising

Playroom / Toys

We will work with you to decide what works best for where your children are at developmentally and what stages they're progressing into. Whether you use montessori play or just have a lot of lego everywhere. We will keep your childs and your preferences in mind to make sure it's maintainable, as well as conducive to all of your needs (for example, keeping the dreaded sticky stuff out of reach).

Playroom before organising
Playroom after organising

Craft Room / Area

We have learnt about so many different crafts from our clients! Glass fusing, card making, sewing, rhinestones, painting… the list is endless. Then there's all the craft stuff that kids have too. With so many small components and tools, craft can easily become disorganised. With the “anything could be useful” mindset, it easily overflows too. We will help contain and organise your craft items so you can simply focus on what you want to make next, and easily get to it.

Fabric storage before organising
Fabric storage after organising

“Sampson & White are the decluttering angels. Anna and Sarah have transformed my study into an effective workspace, helping me to remove years of accumulated 'stuff ' in the short space of a few hours. They are focussed, efficient and well worth the cost, which is reasonable. Highly recommended.”