Moving House

There's no doubt that moving home is incredibly stressful; finding somewhere new, the hoops to jump through, admin, planning etc. We offer decluttering before you move, help with packing, unpacking and organising your new home so you can start as you mean to go on.

Pre-move Declutter & Staging

Planning to move? Overwhelmed by the idea of how much could be moving with you? Rooms in disarray that you don't know how to approach packing up? Worried about viewers looking at your property and whether they'll see its potential? You probably have enough to do, without dealing with all of that! We've got you. We can help you declutter pre-move so you only take with you what you need and what you want. We can organise rooms so that they're much easier to pack and items are much less likely to get lost in transit. We can also help declutter, stage and style your house so it looks its best for potential viewers and buyers.

Moving House

“I'm so glad we found Sarah and Anna! I was feeling overwhelmed when faced with moving house and effectively streamlining the contents from three different households into one. Anna and Sarah have taken everything in their stride, and handled the many tasks with a calm and gentle efficiency. They have helped us sort through and declutter our belongings (in three different premises), packed up everything for the move, and helped us with (re)organising our space and storage. Each time they have been with us I have been amazed at how much we have achieved, and been left in beautiful, spacious and tidy surroundings. It's been a mammoth task, and is still a work in progress, but they have made it so much easier for us. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah and Anna to anyone who needs help with decluttering or organising their home, and am looking forward to working with them again.”

Wendy (Google Review)

Unpacking and Settling In Service

You've finally moved. You look around you and all you see is dismantled furniture and boxes upon boxes. There's weeks, months, or potentially even years of unpacking to do before you feel settled. Wouldn't it be amazing to get unpacked and organised straight away? Even better, to have someone else do it for you? Your time is precious, and what matters to you is precious. Delegate the job of unpacking and organising your new home to us, and we'll get you settled in quickly, and efficiently.

Cluttered bedroom during house move
The bedroom tidied

“They were amazing. Absolutely brilliant organisers and really helped me in my journey through hard times. I needed to move quickly and they came and helped. I can't thank them enough and I highly recommend them. I will definitely use them in the future if I need them.”

Ann Marie


When it comes to downsizing, it's really important to consider how much space, and how much storage space, you will have in the new place. Ideally, you'd be able to thin out your belongings enough before you get there, but letting go of things can be difficult, and if you don't manage that, that's ok. Sometimes it can be helpful to see your stuff in the new space to realise what needs to go and what needs to stay. Either way, we can walk you through it and guide your decisions.


There can be so many difficult decisions to make and jobs to face when grieving a loved one. You don't have to go it alone.

“Sarah and Anna came to declutter and organise my garage which was in a very sad state after the death of my husband. Stuff had been piled in until it was almost impossible to move! The girls were brilliant. They cleared everything out so I could see what I wanted to keep and what to throw out, then they put back the stuff I wanted in a hugely efficient and tidy way. They even sorted hundreds of screws into sizes and put them in a partitioned box. Not content with making the garage usable, they contacted a rubbish removal contractor who came that afternoon and carted all the stuff I didn't want off to the tip, or for recycling. I now have a sensible space that I can use and where I can find things. And the added bonus? Sarah and Anna are such lovely people. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs a clearing job done.”