‘I'm embarrassed for you to see my home’

One of our highest values is to be non-judgemental and accepting. We have seen many different living environments and we're excited to make your home a place that works for you. We know that clutter accumulates, dust collects, and life can get on top of us. We know it will feel vulnerable but we're here for it and we're here for you.

Anna organising a livingroom

‘What happens during a decluttering session?’

We'll go through the categories with you to decide what needs to go (recycle, charity, bin and sale) and what needs to stay, whether kept in that space, or relocated elsewhere in the house.

Organised shoes and hats

‘Will I need to buy extra storage?’

Space becomes available after decluttering, so the hope is that you won't need anything extra. We often find and repurpose storage from elsewhere in our clients' homes. If you would benefit from additional storage, we will help you find the best solutions for you.

Neat and tidy cuttlery drawer

‘Do I need to be there whilst you're working?’

You don't need to be involved for the whole session, mainly just the decluttering phase, as you'll need to decide what's being kept or not. It's helpful if you're around at least, in case more decisions come up so that we can work efficiently and make the space work best for you.

Anna sorting items from shelves

‘Do you clean as you organise?’

Clutter often gets in the way of cleaning, so there will inevitably at least be some dusting to do. We are happy to help with any cleaning involved - normally in between the decluttering and organising phases. However, we are not deep cleaners so where deep cleaning is required that's over to you to organise.

Sarah cleaning up after organising